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Oakland Undercurrent Swim Team Scholarship Fund

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  • Zach Elian is organizing this fundraiser to benefit Oakland Community Pools Project.  

Black Kids Should Know How to Swim Too  – Fundraiser for the Oakland Undercurrent Scholarship Fund by Zach Elian (De La Salle HS) 

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Dr. King

My brother Zach and I would like to contribute to the BLM Movement by addressing the issue of long-term discrimination in the aquatic community. For decades, black people did not have the same access to public pools and coaching opportunities as other Americans. As a result, there are generations of black families who don’t know how to swim and the fatal-drowning rate of black children is three to four times higher than among white children.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 in scholarships for the Oakland Undercurrent team that actively promotes swimming safety and competitive swimming among the black community.

To raise this money, Zach and I will offer lessons to anyone who would like to learn how to swim or improve their competitive stroke in exchange for the donation to the Oakland Undercurrent Swim Team Scholarship Fund. Zach is one of the top swimmers in his Club.   I have represented Team USA at Junior Worlds with synchronized swimming.

 Please contact us to schedule a lesson at your pool, or we might be able to find a community pool to accommodate you.

If you know a black or Hispanic kid who needs lessons and can’t afford them, let us know, we will schedule their lesson completely free of charge.

Lessons will be conducted with all safety measures in place due to COVID-19.

So far we have raised money for 14 scholarships including: 

$100 –Breonna Taylor Scholarship

$100 –Tony McDade Scholarship

$100 –Aaron White Scholarship

$100 –Stephon Clark Scholarship

$100 –Tamir Rice Scholarship

$100 – Trayvon Martin Scholarship

$100 – Laquan McDonald Scholarship

$100 – Michael Brown Scholarship

$100- Philando Castile Scholarship

$100 – Ahmaud ArberyScholarship

Watch this video about the Oakland Undercurrent team and their incredible coach Rolandas Gimbutis (3 time Olympian)

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