Welcome to 2016-17 season!

2016 ONDA Fall Swim School Registration is Now Open

Swim School Fall Sessions
Fall Session #1: September 6th – September 29th
Fall Session #2: October 3th – October 27th
     Group A:  M, Tu, W, Th  3:30pm – 4:00pm
     Group B:    M, Tu, W, Th  4:00pm – 4:30pm
     Group C:    M, Tu, W, Th  4:30pm – 5:00pm
4 week Spring session fee: $80 per session + $5 registration fee + 3% convenience fee (if paid by credit card)
REGISTRATION FEE: Each participant must pay an annual registration fee of $5.
Swim lessons are maximum 30min long per day. We’re not allowing back-to-back lessons (1 hour long)
Question? Email us at info@oaklandundercurrent.org or call us at (510) 594 – 4309
All Swim School program fees are non-refundable
Checks should be made payable to OCPP and brought to the pool or mailed to Oakland Community Pools Project 4096 Piedmont Ave. #181 Oakland, CA. 94611-5221 within 7 days after registration.
Scholarships are available. Supporting documentation for need is required.
Lesson will take place at Laney College pool 900 Fallon St Oakland, CA 9460

2016 ONDA Swim Team Registration is Now Open

Team tryouts will be during the week of August 29th (Monday to Friday) from 4-5pm. Please bring goggles and swim suit. 
Jr.Age&Up will begin practices on Monday, August 29th.
Gold/Silver/Bronze and Developmental will begin on Tuesday, September 6th.
Practices will take place at Laney College pool 900 Fallon St Oakland, CA 9460